About Us

At The Pampered Pup Salon we care about the health and wellbeing of your pets. Our beloved pets are coincided as part of our family. They are our fur kids or fur companions, they love us unconditionally and we want only the best for them.

In 2017 I started as a at home groomer with my beautiful boy McCloud, in Rockingham Western Australia. I have always wanted the best for him and love having him working by my side every day. McCloud was my inspiration in starting up The Pampered Pup Salon and now we live in the beautiful town of Collie, two and a half hours south of Perth WA.

At The Pampered Pup Salon you will find pet health information and stories added regularly and pet health products that are Australian owned, mostly by small business, which started out of the love of their own pets.

We offer natural, affordable health and wellbeing products and advice to give you peace of mind. Have a question? Just ask.

Did you know our pets have deep feelings and they also take on our feelings and emotions?

Ever had a sad doggie who just mopes around all day?

Or an angry kitty that looks like it wants to swipe at the next person who walks past him?

Animals do have feelings too, and emotions, and you can help them to heal.

With the pandemic affecting so many people’s lives emotionally I have also heard and seen so many of their pets that have suffered too.

I’ve had pets so upset at being left at home after lockdowns lifted with family’s going back to work and school.  In some cases they have been incredibly unhappy mopping around or angry not knowing what they have done wrong that they have become naughty and disruptive. I’ve spoken to many pet owners who just didn’t know what to do.

I have received beautiful heart touching messages from clients after their pet has been wearing an Amber Collar. The positive changes in them have brought tears to my eyes, and this makes what I do mean so much.