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Adjustable Amber Pet Collars.

Baltic amber is a safe and affordable way to repel fleas and ticks on your pet. Amber also helps calm nervous or over-excited animals, relieves stress, aids with pain relief, boosts immunity, promotes healing and has anti-inflammatory properties. Amber collars also help with arthritis and joint pain in older animals.


What is Amber?
Amber is a fossil that has long been admired and used for its beauty in jewellery and amulets since ancient times. Amber is not a stone, but actually fossilized conifer tree resin millions of years old. Amber is a product of millions of years of heat and pressure. Amber is purely organic, despite its brilliance and translucence.


How does Amber work on my Pet?
Amber works on your pet in two ways…  Amber is a resin that contains aromatic properties called terpenes. This produces a resinous aroma from the amber. When worn on your pet their body heat and friction from their fur will cause the amber to release the resinous smell from the amber. These resinous aromatic terpene’s being released is what repels the ticks and fleas. The second way in which amber works is it has electrostatic properties. Static electricity is generated when Amber is rubbed against the fur which is also a tick and flea deterrent. The longer your pet wears the necklace, the more effective it will be. It usually takes 2 weeks or more of wear to have maximum repelling properties.


Amber is most effective when it is raw, and has its natural “skin”.
It has been proven that Baltic Amber has the highest succinic acid, which is the cause of its resinous and medicinal properties.  These properties are highest with the raw amber, or amber that still contains the outer “skin”. This layer contains most of the succinic acid credited with the medical properties, which help with pain relief, stress, boosts immunity, promotes healing, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Many people have said the amber collars help with arthritis and joint pain.

Made in Australia, with love, for your pet using quality Baltic Amber from Lithuania.

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